Definitely catch the cold last night 😨. Yesterday wasn’t a easy day at work, we busted our asses off fighting a 2 alarm followed by a 3 alarm fire then early morning did cpr on a pt. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it. To the her family and friends I’m sorry for the lost, and I believed I was the last person she talked too. I followed her commands and did garb her belongings but we wasn’t able to save her, she was too sick and the doctor called it.

I have trust issues with twitter now.

Have you ever looked at one person and be like, “I want to beat the shit out of him or her”? I have! And I’m pretty sure a hand full of my family members have been on the same page as me, and it’s all for one person. The craziest thought would be running though my mind sometimes, I don’t know if I been watching too many fight movies or it’s cause I seen too many crazy stuff outside in the real world. But geez.. With my strength and and med mind I’m pretty sure I could leave that person forever eating out of a tube. I’m a very chill, lay back person. Just don’t press my button nor my bloods in front of my face. Don’t get me heated for the wrong reason or make me said stuff that you will forever regret, cause I’m the kind or person who doesn’t like to swallow my words. Hopefully, my mind would stop thinking like this when I have a family of my own, but for now I have nothing to loss and pretty much NOT AFRAID of ANYTHING. I have balls than most of the guys out there in the world. Words of my brother “man the up”.

49% the time patient will survive no matter what, 49% of the times the patient will died not matter what, 2% of the times depends on the medic. Ems plays a big role